Some years ago the DALLAS SERIES came to Catalan TV Channel (TV3) I remebered that one of the men there was gay.
Now, decades later, I just have realised that a Dallas website is writing about a gay series made in Barcelona: GAYXAMPLE.
After reading the article I find all fine except a little detail that has nothing to do with the series but with Barcelona. It is about EIXAMPLE and GAYXAMPLE.
In the middle of the 19th century, Barcelona, still had its medieval walls. There was no space for people so they thought about widening (EIXAMPLAR in Catalan) the city and they created the big EIXAMPLE.

For some decades, there is a little part of this EIXAMPLE that has gay pubs, saunas, shops and even a hetero friendly hotel. To this zone we called it GAYXAMPLE or GAIXAMPLE (the word GAY seems to come from the Occitan language and the Catalan language is related to Occitan so we have the word GAI for GAY. Nonetheless as the gay movement comes from the US I like the now international word GAY but in Catalonia there are people that seem more proud of Catalan identity than global gay identity so they prefer the word GAI. I like both!)
So when we talk about GAYXAMPLE we are not talking about the EIXAMPLE (is much bigger than GAYXAMPLE!) we just refer to the little zone in EIXAMPLE with gay establishments.

One one can say: “I am searching for a flat in the zone of Gayxample” or “The bars in Gayxample seem to me too fashion” “Do you know that in the Gayxample there is a hetero friendly hotel?”.

So if you come to Barcelona you won’t see the word GAYXAMPLE written in the streets! It is just written in gay maps, gay guides, etc. This is quite different from Madrid. In Madrid they have Chueca. Chueca is a very gay district of Madrid. It is a neame you will see written in the streets. In Barcelona GAYXAMPLE is just a way of talking! Its borders have connection with the gay venues. For example, PUNTO BCN or SAUNA CASANOVA are for sure in GAYXAMPLE!

Anyway, tomorrow starts episode 2 of these series. As you may know the director of these series is an Italian director. I do not know him. But I know Italian people in Barcelona and I like them. It is impossible not to love Italian people if you have once been in Italy. Wonderful people, wonderful land and wonderful language.

LINK: http://www.dallasvoice.com/spanish-fly-1069371.html


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