Great Glass Dome, British Museum

Image by mendhak via Flickr

I just have read in queerty that there was a fire in the Chariots sauna in Shoreditch. With this post I just wat to show my support for the people in this sauna.

It is one of the biggest saunas in London (or the biggest?) and, one was inside this sauna it was clear you wer in London, not because it had a London fashion style (except the bar that was very cozy as British pubs are), but because the pool part reminded of the love of the British for old times from Rome, Turkey, … If London had not the British Museum I am almost sure that this sauna wouldn’t be like it is!

I hope they can repair the sauna. It is a very beautiful place. The pool part is amazing. it is a dream to have this in London! I imagine that the fire took place where the bar was.

For those who did not know the sauna just say that is was on the East side of London, near the Liverpool Station.


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