The Huffington Post

Image by clasesdeperiodismo via Flickr

Imagine that tomorrow WORDPRESS is sold by an extraordinary quantity of money. Imagine that you have been posting for years for free through a wordpress blog. What would you do?

Well, I do not know, of course, what you would do, but I just would be happy for WORDPRESS and I just should be worried about being able to maintain live my blog.

Things are not easy to figure ot always and now I have read about a lawsuit against the HUFFINGTON POST. The Huffington Post was solt to AOL early this year. A lot of unpaid bloggers posted in the Huffington Post and some may feel they contributed to the success of The Huffington Post so they want some kind of compensation.

If something similar happened in WORDPRESS I wonder what will happen. If you asked for a acompensation (I find that quite strange as this is a free service that I am just using!) then a lot of bloggers could do the same. So, I wonder how on Earth could you say how much you wanted for compensation. Would you go to court and tell the number or posts (or blogs!) you had? Or would you tell them the number of hits? Anyway, there are posts and posts so it would be quite difficult to know how to compensate!

The other way round could be also quite weird. Instead of asking for a compensation you could imagine that wordpress is asking for a compensation from you because you get famous thanks to them. Well, you always could answer that their service was free to use. So, why should not them answer with the same answer?


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