The Victory Arch

Image by failing_angel via Flickr

Some years ago two men were kissing in a bar in old Barcelona. They were asked to leave by the landlord. Some years later the same happens this time in London.

Anyway, have you seen the new web series called GAYXAMPLE?

Or, have you heard this song called LIBERTAD (freedom)?:

As you have realized this is a weird post. I begin talking about the JOHN SNOW PUB and I end with this video. I hope you do not mind. Whoever you are I just hope you enjoyed the video. And remember, GAYXAMPLE, the new gay web series made in Barcelona: www.gayxample.net

This video tells you about next chapter of Gayxample ..:

I wouldn’t like to end this post with the feeling I do not care about what happened in London. Below I leave some links. I am also sorry for the fire at Shoreditch sauna. I do not know if now it is already open. I love the swimming-pool part. I had such a nice feeling there.

Greetings from Barcelona.


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