John Snow, Soho, W1

Image by Ewan-M via Flickr

I have not read any post that I could consider homophobic against yesterday kiss in outside the John Snow Pub but I have read some posts that make me realise that some people give a damm about gay human rights.

Let me explain.

It seems that there are people who do not find right that some newspapers give so much importance to the gay kiss in. They argue that most terrible things are happening like the policies of Cameron, etc.

Well, I know this discourse quite well. It is the same discourse of the communist parties decades ago: they had nothing against the gays but it was better not to have gay among them.

To all these people that find ridiculous giving so much importance to the kiss in at the John Snow Pub I just will tell them the following:

You are right: the fact that a couple was thrown out of a pub in Soho is not the most important thng that has happened on Earth these last centuries BUT the reason why some people give importance to this is because:

REASON 1: IN SOME COUNTRIES THE GAYS ARE KILLED BECAUSE THEY ARE GAY. So it is not strange the gay people react angrily and fast to any attack to its rights. We are always on alert.

REASON 2: IN HISTORY GAYS HAVE BEEN KILLED AND PROSECUTED so it is not strange we get angry when our rights are hurt. Blood and tears has brought us to the rights we have now just in some small places of the world, like, for example, the SOHO.

So, you see, gay people are thrown out of a bar in London, we protest and we almost seem guilty for protesting because there are more important things to do? More important things to do for who? For the heterosexual society?


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