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As some people may know the Spanish state is in high trouble. It could be the next eurozone country to ask for a bailout. Things are not getting very well.

At the same time Spain is one of the few countries where gay marriage is legal.

So, I just thought that for the gay movement it would be quite good if they mad eof Spain a Gay Haven! If a lot of gay tourists from around the world came to Spain (and Portugal) Spain would be in a better economic situation. If this is due in part to the gay tourism then Spaniards will know that so tha tthe gay international community would be welcome. And the gay marriage in Spain could continue. If Spain needs a bailut the situation will go so bad that a new right wing party could abolish gay mariage without much opposition as the Spaniards would be just worried about the financial crisis.

The gay power could make history if they showed their economic strength by just saving a country! Not any country! Just a country with gay marriage!

I know my idea is quite crazy but future is not written yet.


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