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Can you imagine Mr Schwarzenegger as the new President of the European Union? I have some difficulties because in Europe, in contrast with the US, not anyone can reach any job even if Europeans prefer not to think so. It is easier for a foreigner to be succesful in the US that a European to be succesful in Europe. Because in Europe we almost live like in the Medieval Ages so we are still diveded in different tribes with different languages. So for Mr Schwarzenegger to become president of Europe you need all the tribes to accept him. In the US they saw him as a film star. In Europe he would be seen as a famous Austrian citizen. As you can see I am quite critical of my onw continent.

Anyway, there is one good thing about Schwarzenegger. He supported Gay Marriage in California. Only for that reason I just feel that I must think over him as president. In any case if he runs for presidency of Europe this is good news because it should make other runners to be people with a high profile.


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