I imagine anyone coming to this posts already knows about the attack to a trans woman in Baltimore. If not, you have the related articles below.

In this post I just wanted to send a message of hope to anyone reading this post. There is the possibility we think about what has happened and we get sad but there is another thing that we have to pay attention too. The news of what has happened with this trans woman is news everywhere (I am writing this from Barcelona, in the Mediteranean coast) So, thanks to Internet, a disgraceful vidoe was uploaded, But also thanks to Internet we can answer back. And the lgbt has a very good advantage: it is UNIVERSAL. So, when a person from the LGTB is attacked, any person from the world, can raise against the injustice!

I say that because I think it is very important that the homophobic people of the world realise that when they are attacking one of us they are attacking milions of people.

Some days ago, on Catalan tv (I am in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia), there was a progran about trans woman and trans man. Four or five people explained their experiences. Now that I’ve heard about what has happened in Baltimore I realise how important it is that the public tv shows the world of trans woman and trans man to the general public.

Each attack to a lgbt individuals makes us stronger. The trans woman in Baltimore has in Barcelona an ally and a supporter.


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