Courtyard of East Pyne Hall, Princeton Univers...


(May 5th 2011: I read, via NYT,  that the email that Antonio Calvo sent to a student refering to his balls maybe was considered a sex-offence  as Calvo was homosexual. I wonder if the student who received the email had anything against homosexuals. I can not know!)

One of the things I find quite upsetting it is the fact that one can be a prestigious teacher at one of the best Universities of the World and the next day you may have to leave on a hurry into another continent.

Antonio Calvo had been living ten years in the US. Then one day he finds himself without a job and he knows that he may have to go back to Spain.

This is crazy because all the things that were good for him then in a second change completely. As he was living in the US, as he was a human being and not only a teacher, I imagine he met people with whom maybe he felt happy with. Then, in a second, he had to live these people behind.

Imagine he had decided to come back to Spain. This would have been maybe a disaster. He had to leave the people he had met in the US. And he had to begin a new life! And to say that he once work in Princeton would not open doors as people would wonder why he was sacked.

So, I find this quite terrible because you have one day everything and then the next day you have nothing: you have not the right to stay where you were living (I would have the feeling that I had been treated as a toy) once you are not needed. And you know that back in your home country you w’on’t be received in the Academic world with open arms.

I do not know how much Antonio Calvo was paid in Princeton but I find unhumane to have somebody working for ten years and then the next day this person has to leave the country. I find this is a shame. I just hope that anybody that goes into the US as a techer realises that once they do not need them they would have to return back to their countries so that any friendhip there will be lost. I think no job deserves such a sacrifice. Princeton can be a very good University. But I think you have to pay too a high price to work there.

I would like to end by mentioning that I am also a great admirer of photographer Herb Ritts.


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