FC Barcelona Rugby League

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In some hours time FC BARCELONA and REAL MADRID play in Madrid a semifinal Champions match.

A lot of people in Barcelona and Catalonia will be watching the match and the public tv will continue its support of the Catalan team.

There are however some big traitors who won’t be following the match and who even do not care about the result. This blogger has found one of them and here it is my interview with him:

MUIGAI: How many people like you do you believe you can find in Barcelona?

TRAITOR: I do not know. It is very difficult to know because the media never talked about us. They only care about the football followers so it is difficult for us to know each other?

MUIGAI: How do you live a match like the one today.

TRAITOR: I live it in a very sad way. I feel as if I was not part of this country. When I watch the Catalan public tv and I see the minutes and minutes they speak about this match instead of other subjects I feel that this only can mean two things: the the Catalan tv is just making us dumb or that something even worse may be the answer.

MUIGAI: How you dare not to like football? How you dare not to like FC Barcelona?

TRAITOR: Well, how can I feel part of a sport where I do not see anybody like me? How can I accept that a sport full of homophobia is the most important thing this evening? I feel that I cannot like a team that hides homosexuality and even has agreements with homophobic governments like the Qatar one?

MUIGAI: Don’t you feel like a traitor to Catalonia? How can you dare not to support the most famous trade mark of your city?

TRAITOR: Well, I just see FC BARCELONA as a machine to make money. They use Catalan nationalism just to have more supporters. I wonder what kind of Catalonia they want to represent when no gays are seen in its teams (not openly, I mean) and they have not problem to make business with Qatar, a dictatorship where gays go to jail because they are gay. The fact that milions of people of people support Barça and that the public media spend part of my money supporting a club of dubious ethics does not mean that I am so stupid as to be a traitor to myself.

MUIGAI: Do you think that Montserrat virgin will forgive you by not supporting Barça?

TRAITOR: I am afraid not …


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