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When I was a small boy I always thought of torture as something related to the Spanish inquisition and to dictatorships. I never associated torture with the US.

When somebody killed another one without any kind of trial I always thought about American Western films.

Now we know that thanks to torture, the US knew about the wherabout of Bin Laden. We also know that they murdered him.

And I asked myself? Who are the US to see themselves in power to torture? Who are the US to murder people without trial and even in another country?

These questions will be in a lot of heads. Me, as I am a peaceful person, and I disliked very much Osama Bin Laden, I just would write this post to express my dislike for the American way of doing things but I am afraid other people may act differently.

In Europe there is not Death penalty. In the US there is death penalty, they murder abroad and they use Guantánamo to torture?

How can you ask other people to act in a civilised way when you act this way? What example is this of murdering Obama for future generations?

Should Iran also go to other countries and kill the people they do not like? Should Iran and ANY COUNTRY torture to be able to find its enemies.

I have no doubt that now Barack Obama is more popular in the USA than ever. Any leader with blood in his hands always gets more popular!

The Talibans are, in my opinion, fool people, because they do crazy things in the name of their God. On the other hand, the US just acts as if it was God: torturing whoever they want and killing whereever they want whoever they want.

Thanks to the example of the US, the wonderful superpower, now any country around the world would be happy to torture! It seems such a good idea! You torture and then you get the information you want. Then you kill your opponents and you get more popular so you can stay in power for longer! THAT’S THE LESSON THAT NOBEL PEACE PRICE WINNER, MR BARACK OBAMA HAS TOLD THE WORLD!

Congratulations, Mr Obama! Congratilations, God of the Gods!


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  1. Thank you for writing your opinions. I am an American and have been very critical of many of our policies. I am not happy to see OBL dead. I feel being solemn is more appropriate. However, I am not sure a trial would have worked in this case. Al Qaeda, though not a country, had declared war against the USA, and also Spain I suppose after Madrid train attack. Can wars end in trials?

    May 5, 2011 at 4:25 pm

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