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I cannot believe it! It seems that part of the Indian community in the USA are angry because Geronimo was the name chosen to refer to Osama Bin Laden.

I am afraid that the Indian community have not understood anything.

The murdering of Osama Bin Laden is much related to a Western Film. In a Western Film there is not law. Well, yes, it is, There is the law of the gun. And in a Western film, normally the Indians are always the bad guys so it is not strange that the name of an Indian personality is used to name the bad guy of the film.

Normally in a Western Film there is not justice. There is just somebody that with his gun does what he wants. That’s what has happened with Osama Bin Laden.

The only thing that does not match with a Western film is the use of torture by the heroes of the film but , we all know, things change, for better for worse. Even the scenario is not the Gran Canyon valley. Now the scenario is abroad, in foreign lands because the Western film here is more powerful and can shoot the gun wherever he wants.

So, in summary, the Indians should not complaint. They lost in their own soil against the white men and the use of Geronimo is just a reminder of their status downgrade.

I imagine that the only thing that makes really different this Western film to others is that in this case the one in command this time is a black man. That’s the only difference.

Anyway, the Indians in the US must know, that for the one writing this back in Europe, they are the only truly genuine Americans. The other just come from Europe or Africa. And now it seems that whether of European or African origen they continue insulting the natives of America: THE INDIANS!

All my love to the natives of America. Shame on the ones who torture in Guantánamo and afterwards they murder in Pakistan. That’s not justice. That’s the Wild West. And you have gone so far as even insulting Geronimo. Shame on you!

If I could go back time and I was in America I am sure I would have fought with the Indians.


One response

  1. Bin Laden/Geronimo ?
    What’s the connection ?
    They both died of pneumonia !

    Who said the CIA didn’t have a sense of humor ?

    May 5, 2011 at 12:23 pm

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