I do not understand. In the following video you can see how NIKE shows us the new tshirt for Barça for the next season.

There is a very weird moment where the camera shows us the lower part of the tshirt but then, THRE IS A CUT, and we sea the face of the footballer. One has the impression as if NIKE does not want the world to see the words QATAR FOUNDATION! Is afraid NIKE that such a name can decrease its sales?

One think is to buy a tshirt of a western football club with western values and another is to buy a shirt related to dictatorship, homophobia and suspicious of having bought the World Cup 2002. Is NIKE taking into account that when they do that weird and suspicious CUT??

You only can see QATAR FOUNDATION when you see the whole tshirt but in all the other images they avoid to show it!

Is NIKE also ashemed of the dealings of Barça with Qatar?

By the way, it makes me laugh when in the video they try to sell Barça as a club that it is more than a club. A club that sells its sould to a homophobic dictatorship is of course more than a club: IT IS A DISGRACE! UNA DESGRÀCIA in Catalan.

See the video for yourself!:

let me end with a video of the Qatar bid. Now that there are so many suspicious of brivery I find weird that nobody finds sad that Guardiola was in that bid!:


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