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Unfortunately this is a blog of bitter posts where I say how awful I find that Guardiola backs Qatar Foundation as sponsor of FC BARCELONA.

The next season the tshirt of Barça won’t have UNICEF in its front part, but at the back and near the bottom. Meanwhile Qatar Foundation will be in its front part. As Qatar Foundation has an award named a radical islamist who says that homosexuals must be killed I am furious that a club from Barcelona can be sponsored by this foundation.

Who knows, maybe FC BARCELONA has a bit of remorse of changing UNICEF for QATAR FOUNDATION but in any case I must congratulate Guardiola and Freguson for this joint support of Unicef. I hope that Guardiola continues this way and in the future supports all that that with the Qatar Foundation the name of Barça may suffer. So I hope that Guardiola in the next months supports a lot UNICEF and also democracy and the right of people not to go to jail because of their sexual orientation.

So congratulations to both coaches. This is the right track!

I have only found the letter in Catalan and Castilian so I wonder if this letter is thought to appease the people in Barça or I just have to look more to find the letter in English too.

I think that there is an idiom in English that says to hunt with the hounds and run with the hares. I think that Guardiola has been doing this these last months. On the one hand he has been very supportive of an agreement with Qatar which has meant that UNICEF is on the new tshirt on the back and near the bottom. On the other hand he seems to be associated with UNICEF with this letter of support. Well, at least it could be worse. Maybe he is showing some remorse. I just hope that he also shows some remorse for the rights of homosexuals that Qatar has not and he helps fighting homophobia in football.


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