Souq Watif Market, Qatar

Image by . Shell via Flickr

In Barcelona the homosexuals we have rights. We do not go to prison, for example. We can even marry. So the fact that a famous club of Barcelona, FC BARCELONA or BARÇA, wears a tshirt sponsored by a country where homosexuals go to jail does not seem nice for a club with Catalan values.

On the other hand, if in Qatar there was a change, and instead of a dictatroship we had a democracy, then I would see Qatar with much better eyes as I for example see Egypt.

So, I hope that if one day Qatar becomes a democracy then Barça wears a tshirt that says QATAR REVOLUTION. That kind of tshirt would be great.

But curently I cannot support barça wearing an ad from Qatar Foundation because this foundation has an award named after a radical islamist who says that homosexuals must be killed. These is against human rights and I am appaled that Barça can be mixed with such a foundation with such an award.

This is the Facebook page I have found about Qatar Revolution. Nedless to say that from Barça you won’t find any current support to that revolution because their delings are with the current dictatorship. I support not the dictator but the people loking for freedom.

I do not understand Arabic but I think that this May 27th is an important day.



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