I am astonihed by the profound relation that one can feel between Qatar and the Pep Guardiola, the coach of FC BBarcelona. Besides being one of the richest countries on Earth thanks to just oil I cannot see a reason why someone would almost fall in love with a place ruled by a dictator, with homophobic laws and where the rights of woman are the best to say the least. I could not feel well at all in a country where I know that homosexuals go to jail.

Guardiola has lived in Qatar, has supported the controversial bid of Qatar 2022 and has even said marvels about Qatar in order to support the sponsoring of the new Barça tshirt by Qatar Foundation.

While all this happens I just read that Al Jezeera, the Qatar tc channel, seems to be very happy with the Arab revolts but when they happen in Bahrain then there is silence …

There are suspicions of brivery related to Qatar bid for World Cup 2022 these days too.

So, I do no tunderstand why Josep Guardiola is so happy with a country that now is on the news for possible cases of brivery and whose rulers have not brough democracy, equal rights to woman and not jailing for homosexuals. I do not understand.


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