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The last weeks I’ve been very critical about the deal between Qatar Foundation and FC Barcelona. I do not like Barça wearing a tshirt related to a dictatorship where homosexuals go to jail and the right of women have to improve a lot.

Tonight, however, I have thought that maybe I could wrong in something. Unfortunately the latest suspicions of brivery for the World Cup 2022 do not help me to change my point of view.

I hope tha tthe ones who support the deal with Qatar – Guardiola and Rosell, coach and president of Barça – could explain in a better way their view of Qatar.

I find all very weird because I’m much of the days talking against a deal with Qatar and at the same time it is obvious that I think a lot about Qatar.

Who knows, maybe even if it is true that homosexuality is forbidden maybe it is one of the Gulf countries who puts less homosexuals in jail? I do not know! This is what I would kile to know! The only think I know is that Qatar has a lot of money and that fight witht the West in Qatar!

Who knows, maybe Qatar is not so bad as it may seem by curren laws. Maybe it is acountry that is opening to other ideas. But I do not know! That’s the problem!

Maybe I am wrong but at the moment I just feel a lot of suspicions. I think that all is about money. Qatar has money and that’s the reason why some make a blind eye to dictatorship, homophobia and women’s rights and even possible brivery.

I just hope that no brivery is related to Catalonia.


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