It seems that Pep Guardiola, the current coach od FC Barcelona could be nthe next coach of Qatar. This should not sound strange as Guadiola has already played in Qatar, has supported the Qatar World Cup 2022 and is keen oon Barça on the sponsoring of the new Barça tshirt by the Qatar Foundation.

I have read that people in Qatar consider him as a son. Guardiola says that there are injstices as anywhere else ans he says there is freedom. The fact that Qatar is a dictatorship, that homosexuals are punished with prison or the few rights of women do not seem to have an spaces in Guardiola words about this emirate.

I do not understand why Guardiola is so happy with this emirate. The only thing I see in Qatar is money.

On the other hand I have read today that a Qatari Investment has bought French football team of Paris, Saint Germain.

I also have hear that trade Unions want rights for workers in Qatar from other countries who will help with the construction of new buildings. I imagine that while Guardiola may receive milions of euros to work there most of other migrants there won’t be su unlucky.





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