Joseph "Sepp" Blatter, President of FIFA

Image via Wikipedia

These last days when I read so much about cases of corruption related to football and then I knew that Blatter was the only one to be elected and that he finally was elected, well, all this reminded me a lot of some corrupted dictatorships like the one of Mubarak.

I cannot understand why real democracies around the world let the current FIFA die and create a new order for football. Who the heck is representing Mr. Blatter?

MUBARAK REGIME WAS FORCE TO LEAVE. Why is FIFA and Mr. Blatter still unchallenged? Sincerely, I have the feeling that mr. Blatter and his organization are laughing at us. Like Mubarak did with the Egyptians.

Thousands and thousands of people around the world fill the stadiums around the world but none of these seem to have the courage to challenge this outdated institution called FIFA. Well, who knows, his current survival is just a hint of the kind of people who fill the stadiums.


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