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In the last post I said bye bye but here I am again …

First of all let me know that I do not know if we will ever know the truth about Amina Arraf. Was she a hoax? Is she real?

Since the Arab spring began I was astonished that the lgbt community in the Arab countries – or, in fact, anywhere! – did not start too a gay spring. After all the lgbt community around the world has a lot of reasons to protest.

So, when I have read about a lgbt activist detained in Syria I saw for the first time a news related to the Arab spring and to the lgbt rights.

Some minutes after I get to know the news, I also got the news that this could be a hoax.

By the way if this a total hoax then it is very well made. I have found this post of 2007. Why should anybody care to write such a long post? Even if Amina Arraf is a hoax, it is a very impressive hoax with an impressive content: http://aminaarraf.blogspot.com/2007/12/openings-5-fathers-people-life-in-dream.html

I have found this post where Amina says she puts her photo because she is bold. As now we know that the photo is from a girl in London it is difficult not to think that all this is a hoax!: http://damascusgaygirl.blogspot.com/2011/02/why-i-am-doing-this.html

But even if all this is a hoax I think that there is something for real: the posts! Maybe they are pure inventions but Don Quixote is also an invention. If all this is a hoax then we have somebody who has been making fiction joining the Arab spring with a lgbt fiction.

So, even if this is a hoax, I am surprised by the one behind this hoax. Some people just write fiction and tell us this. Maybe some other people write too fiction but their fiction is so good that they even use it for real.



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