Since I began this blog, muigai,  I am supposed to be a gay man writing from Catalonia. Lately I write a lot against the deal between Barça and Qatar Foundation.

Well, now I am afraid that anyone can suspect that in fact I am a heterosexual man from Qatar who is againt the emir. Or maybe I am just an homophobic man who just dislikes Barça and tries to atack this team through its deal with Qatar.

When you begin a gay blog where you talk about issues realted to the lgbt community you can imagine yourself fighting homophobia. But the last thing you can imagine is that casual readers may suspect that you are not gay and you do not live in Catalonia and that all you write is pure fantasy.

I say all that because now we know that Amina Arraf was a hoax. The blog of a gay girl in Damascus was in fact writen by an American man living in Scotland: Tom MacMaster.

There are people that are furious with this man. At the moment I am still in shock. The good thing of all this is that now when I read a blog I won’t be so innocent so I will wonder a lot about the fact that the one writing the posts maybe is not who he or she says. The problem is that this also apllies to this blog! Now, people reading this blog and now know about the hoax of Amina may doubt about this blog being writen really by a gay man in Catalonia.

Ahmadinejad thinks that homosexuality is an invention of the Western countries. Tom MacMaster, with this hoax, is giving weapons to this dictator to continue to say that homosexuality is something from the West! It was an American man who invented himself a Lesbian gierl in an Arab country.

So, I think that there are reasons to be very angry with this American man. On the other hand I would like to know more about this man. Why he did that?

I think that in a few hours he will say something else to a journalist.



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