Now that we know that Amina was a hoax made by Tom MacMaster I see that there is a lot of rage against him. I have read http://gaymiddleeast.com/news/news%20317.htm where gay bloggers from Syria are quite unhappy with the hoax and one even says that he would sue him if he could.

So I am think about my reaction to this hoax. Should I join the ones who want to sue him or should I just forgive this American man?

For the things I know now it seems that I just should be enraged. He has put in danger lgbt people in Syria. And in fact he has acted in a way that is harmful for the lgbt worldwide community. On the other hand I still do not know detail of the reasons why he has made all this.

Compassion and pity makes me think I should forgive him but at the same time I must remember the lgbt community in Syria. If they cannot sue him, me living in a Western country maybe I could join forces in the West to sue this man.

Until I decide my position, I just hope to know more. But reading the text from the Syrian bloggers whose lives are at risk because of this hoax I think that Tom MacMaster should be brought to justice. Needless to say that his use of photos from a woman in London seems to be a very good reason to bring him to justice. Not all the people in this planet use photos of other people. Some have still a bit of dignity. Shame on Tom!

Well, no doubt that now thanks to Tom now you may doubt to that this is a blog made by a gay man.


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    Curtis W. Jackson

    June 18, 2011 at 2:48 am

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