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King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. (2002 photo)

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It is months since I say that FC BARCELONA cannot be sponsored by a dictatorship who punished homosexuality and where the women suffer discrimination.

It is months since I recall that Al Jezeera has a lot to improve.

Now I have read that there is a new draft that will allow the journalists to be free except in those issues where the dictatorship does not want them to be free.

So, the Qatar journalists won’t be able to talk about issues affecting national security or friendly nations. This means that if, for example, the dictatorship of Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, massacre its popululation, the journalists of Qatar won’t be able to write about this.

This is the Qatar that will appear on the tshirts of FC BARCELONA. I am protesting for these for months but it seems that nobody cares.

It seems that money from Qatar make some people in Barcelona to forget some of their values. I imagine that’s the reason why they talk so much about values and values. It is a way to hide the lack of values by having a deal with Qatar.

As a homosexual in Barcelona I feel so humiliated by FC BARCELONA. I even have received homophobic comments who praise the new tshirt with Qatar Foundation and which end saying VISCA QATAR, VISCA BARÇA.

I feel so week. The media in Catalonia are always talking about the big values of FC BARCELONA. Even the international press do the same. It seems that the fight against homophobia is not a problem.

Maybe I cannot do anything so that Barça braks its deal with Qatar but I will do all I can so that a lot of people know that Barça is wearing a tshirt from a country where homosexuals go to jail. Is black people, if Jewish people went to jail, I am sure that Barça wouldn’t have signed a deal. It seems that homosexuals do not deserve attention and care.