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In some hours it is Saturday! That means that next chapter of Gayxample will be available online!

In Catalonia this Saturday is also quite special because it is Easter and at the same time it is Sant Jordi! So the streets are full of books and roses.

So, it is very nice to start Sant Jordi with the best gift I can imagine: a new chapter of Gayxample!



Quatre Columnes, pulled down in 1928 by order ...

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Yesterday we could see in chapter six of Gayxample some images of a sauna in Barcelona. It was SAUNA GALILEA. I imagine some people who watch this series may be interested to visit this sauna.

Before talking about this sauna I just have to say that each sauna in Barcelona has a different appeal so some may like one more than another because they offer different things. So, here I just will say what I like of Sauna Galilea.

One of the most beautiful sides of Sauna Galilea are the showers. You may like them more or less but one think is clear: THEY ARE UNIQUE. I am not saying they are the best. I am just saying that I like them. I imagine that some people maybe won’t like them but for me they are a kind of jewel because they make me feel unique been there. I am sure that nothing like them will be found elsewhere. They remind me of Gaudí.

Besides the showers and the locker corridors surrounding them you have a lot of different floors. I have the feeling of being in a house, in a familiar house. I have the feeling of being in a flat with different floors.

Around the sauna I saw some photos very nice.

In brief, a sauna with corners here, corners there. If you find there the perfect man, then this sauna can be perfect. I imagine that it is very important to know when to go and to know what kind of people you may find. But this is for another post. In this post I just wanted to talk about the architecture of the sauna. I love it!

This sauna is situated between the center of Gayxample and the cruising zone in Montjuïc. It is in a quiet street of Barcelona not so far from Plaça Espanya Venetian towers.

By the way, I like all gay saunas of Barcelona. But each for a quite different reason.

I leave you with the MAKING OF the sauna part in GAYXAMPLE:


Last week I realised that just some minutes after midnight in Barcelona you could see the new chapter in Gayxample. This was quite nice to know because chapter 1 and chapter 2 were watched by me just at midday on Saturday.

So now, I thought I would be able to watch chapter 4 right now, just a t the beginning of Saturday so that I had not to wait until I wake up tomorrow.

But until now I have not been able to see the chapter. I wonder if it is question of minutes or hours or if I should wait just for midday …