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As some people may know the Spanish state is in high trouble. It could be the next eurozone country to ask for a bailout. Things are not getting very well.

At the same time Spain is one of the few countries where gay marriage is legal.

So, I just thought that for the gay movement it would be quite good if they mad eof Spain a Gay Haven! If a lot of gay tourists from around the world came to Spain (and Portugal) Spain would be in a better economic situation. If this is due in part to the gay tourism then Spaniards will know that so tha tthe gay international community would be welcome. And the gay marriage in Spain could continue. If Spain needs a bailut the situation will go so bad that a new right wing party could abolish gay mariage without much opposition as the Spaniards would be just worried about the financial crisis.

The gay power could make history if they showed their economic strength by just saving a country! Not any country! Just a country with gay marriage!

I know my idea is quite crazy but future is not written yet.

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Ara que Portugal ha demanat el rescat em sembla que és el moment de visitar l’altra banda de la península …


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First it was Greece, then it was Ireland. Now it is portugal. Will Spain be the next?

There was a time when Portugal was one of the most important countries of the world. Now Portugal needs the help of the European Union.

Meanwhile Brazil is becoming one of the most promising countries.

Some people in Northern and Central Europe may be angry with countries from the South. And I understand them.

I think that the countries with better economies in Europe have to make sure that all the countries in the eurozone do things in a way that does not threaten stability.

I am afraid that the next state to fall is Spain.

Something has been made in a wrong way these last years. But it is not just something to blame some countries. I think the blame should also go to other countries. Because all the countries in the eurozone had had to be more careful that ALL THE COUNTRIES WERE ACTING IN A RIGHT WAY.

The world is not just Europe. China, the US, Brazil, India are competing with us. We need Europe to unite and to be stronger. I think we have to learn.

I do not know which was the problem with Greece, Portugal and Ireland. But in Spain the problem is that we have lived as if we were a rich country. We have spent milions of euros in having, for example,  a radial fast train pharaonic structure. We are one of the countries in Europe with more high speed kilometers. Is not that crazy considering that Spain is not a rich country? I think it is time that Germany gets serious. German people should stop giving money to Europe without first being sure it is used in a right way.

I feel as if wealthy Europe had given an opportunity to the less wealthy Europe and we had failed. Maybe the dream of a Europe with all countries with similar wealth is just something impossible.

I am not saying either that the opposite of what is done now should be done. I think the idea of a Europe with wealth everywhere was a good idea but I think that the lesson should be that the person who gives the money has to see what happens with its money.

We are now at difficult times in the eurozone but one thing is for sure. If we are able to win the battle then Europe will be stronger. And if all goes wrong we always can go to the past with each country with its currency. I will do all my best to try to fight for the euro. The euro is one of the things that makes me more proud of being a European citizen: THE FACT THAT DIFFERENT COUNTRIES WITH DIFFERENT LANGUAGES HAVE A UNIQUE CURRENCY IS SOMETHING THAT SAYS VOLUMES ABOUT EUROPE.

 So, I think these of the bailouts must be seen as a way to strengthen the way the eurozone is ruled. It is a big opportunity to improve how the different countries of Europe try to convey a way of sharing the euro.

As an European I feel that the EURO is my baby so I would do all I can for my baby.

To end, let me tell my Portuguese brothers that Portuguese and Catalan language are very similar so that when they speak Portuguese I understand them so I feel them as brothers. In this blogger you have a friend! As a citizen of the Iberian peninsula too I feel totally responsible of helping my brothers from the other side of the Peninsula.