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David Cameron


Mentre segons Rosell i Guardiola estan contentíssims amb un país anti-gai com Qatar i aquí tothom calla al Regne Unit David Cameron ha proposat no donar ajudar als paÏsos anti-gai, és a dir, els països on els homosexuals estem oprimits.

Ja fa mesos que vaig dir que les paraules de Guardiola i Rosell parlant bé de Qatar eren una ofensa als homosexuals de Qatar. Però és clar en un món tan homòfob com és el futbol què podem esperar ..?


Barcelona's Lionel Messi was voted as man of t...


Fa uns dies vaig seguir amb atenció la votació sobre portar publicitat de la Qatar Foundation a la samarreta i va ser evident la influència que ha pogut tenir Pep Guardiola en el vot favorable a la Qatar Foundation. Uns quants compromissaris van dir que el que deia Guardiola anava a missa i si Guardiola veia bé l’acord doncs endavant. I és evident que Guardiola estava d’acord amb portar publicitat de Qatar a la samarreta.

Ara fa uns hores Guardiola, l’entrenador del Barça, ha fet servir els mitjans de comunicació que el club li otorga com entrenador per defensar l’antic president Laporta. És evident que Guardiola deu poder parlar directament amb Sandro Rosell i no li cal parlar pels mitjans de comunicació o sigui que si ha aprofitat uns mitjans que se li posen a l’abast com entrenador per parlar d’un tema més personal com és el seu suport incondicional per Laporta potser deu ser perquè Guardiola troba que Sandro Rosell no fa el que ell vol que faci. I per això ha aprofitat els mitjans de comunicació de que disposa com a entrenador. Només calia que un periodista li hagi donat una oportunitat fent-li una pregunta adient.

No em puc imaginar que a Sandro Rosell li hagi fet cap gràcia ja que Guardiola està fent servir unes rodes de premsa d’entrenador per parlar d’un tema que no té relació amb allò pel que Guardiola va ser contractat.

Potser hi ha dues maneres de veure el que ha fet Guardiola. Una primera manera seria de prepotència de Guardiola que aprofitant l’estima que li tenen els socis s’aprofita i no té cap problema en posar contra les cordes al mateix president Rosell i tot fent-lo des del mateix club on ell es suposa que simplement és l’entrenador. Una altra manera de veure el que ha passat és veure a Guardiola com una gran persona que mai defrauda a aquells que han cregut ell i que per tant creu que s’ha de jugar el seu lloc com a entrenador a favor d’aquell que va fer possible que fos entrenador: Laporta.

Tinc la sensació que mentri Messi vagi fent gols Guardiola podrà anar fent i dient el que vulgui i el president haurà de callar perquè en el fons Guardiola és el triat per l’afició. Mentre Messi faci la feina.


The flag of Qatar.

"... a Qatar es viu molt bé ..."

Mentre Pep Guardiola i Sandro Rosell parlen meravelles de Qatar el COI ha criticat l’Arabia Saudita, Brunei i Qatar per no haver enviat dones encara a unes olimpiades.




In this blog I always talk about the Qatar Foundation and its deal with FC BARCELONA. I also mention quite oft the support of the president of Barça and of the coach for the deal. Sandro Rosell, the president, said that you live very well in Qatar and Pep Guardiola, the coach, said that in Qatar there is freedom. He also said that in Qatar there were injustices but like everywhere (That’s not true, in most countries you can be homosexual and this does not mean you are punished by prison like it happens in the dictatorship of Qatar)

Some months ago we also saw how Guardiola supported the bid of Qatar 2022. As you may know Qatar won the bid but now there are allegations that there was brivery.

On the other hand I saw that Qatar Foundation gives an award named after a radical who wants the extermination of the homosexuals. This radical also wants the submission of women and about “his love” for Israel no need to tell you …

So, I am very unhappy that the new tshirt of FC BARCELONA shows the logo of QATAR FOUNDATION on its front. Barcelona city is a place where the homosexuals we have some rights (WE DO NOT GO TO PRISON!!!) so I find outrageous that the most famous club of this tolerant city wears an ad from a place where homosexuals go to jail, there is not democracy and women have minimum rights. A club that talks and talks about its values  and says that is MÉS QUE UN CLUB (more than a club) and at the same time has deals with an homophobic dictatorship seems to me a place with just money money values and no sensitivity at all for sexual minorites (or, currently, miniroties sports too …) I also must say that, as far as I know Barça, a club from Barcelona, does not make any event to fight homophobia. Anybody knows that there is a lot of homophobia in football, so that Barcelona instead of fighting it, it does the opposite: it gets deals with homophobic Qatar!

So, today, it was for me a very big surprise to read a news that does not associate Josep Guardiola with homophobic Qatar or with a foundation (Qatar Foundation) who gives awards named after a radical who loves terrorism, wants the extermination of homosexuals and wants the total submission of woman. This time Guardiola name is not in a news related to supporting deals with homophobic dictatorship of Qatar but in visiting a gay friendly democracy named Israel. It seems that he has been invited by Israel singer Noa.

I know people in Catalonia who have been very silent when it comes to the fact that Guardiola supports Qatar so much. So now I expect the same: that the fact that he is friend of Noa keeps them silent too. I say that because some months ago Noa came to Barcelona and there was a protest. As all the world knows Noa is a singer from Israel very known for trying to bring peace between Palestine people and Israel People. But in Catalonia some accused her to not be strong in condemnation  against some atrocities committed some months ago in Gaza Strip by Israel after Hamas sent rockets into Israel land.

I have read that Guardiola has wanted a low profile in his visit to Israel. I do not understand why. Is he ashamed of visiting Israel? If he is not ashamed of giving so much support to an emirate that is a dictatorship, where women have few rights and where homosexuals go to jail because they are just homosexuals then I do not understand why he should be ashamed of just visiting Israel? Nobody is asking him to support a Israel Foundation or Israel 2026 World Cup. Nobody is asking him to show for Israel the same support that he has shown for the homophobic dictatorship of Qatar. He is just supposed to be in Israel as a guest of one of the people from Israel that is more known worldwide to try to bring peace beween Palestinians and Israelis. That’s something quite honouring and quite the opposite of what Guardiola has being doing until now by just supporting the wealthy dictatorship of Qatar. I am sure that Guardiola disliked the Spanish dictator called Franco. That dictator also put homosexuals into jail. Barcelona was against that dictator. How come then that the president of Barça and his coach now support a deal between Barça and a dictatorship? Are the dictatorships which are far from Barcelona and that have a lot of money less dictatorships than the ones we had at home? Or is it maybe that the Barça is not anymore MORE THAN A CLUB (MÉS QUE UN CLUB)?

Anyway, one thing is for sure, few people in Israel will wear a tshirt from Barça with Qatar Foundation. But he should not worry. Anyone related to Hamas in Gaza strip will be happy to wear it. And any homophobe around the world would be happy to buy it. I received an email some days ago just saying: NO TO HOMOSEXUALITY. ALLAH IS CLEAN. VISCA QATAR! VISCA BARCA!

Let me end this post by sending my greetings to Noa and Mira Awad. I love some of her songs. I hope she comes to Catalonia more often. Maybe she could come with Dana International! (My greetings to DANA and also to the widow of murdered RABIN. With people like them, Israel will always be in my heart)

I also want to congratulate Guardiola for having Noa as a friend. Until now I just thought that his only known friends where the rich people from the banks and from the homophobic emirate of Qatar.

By the way, I imagine that when Guardiola ends its trip to Israel he won’t go to any Arab country because, if things have not changed, most Arab countries do not accept passports with a stamp from someone who has been in Israel.


King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. (2002 photo)

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It is months since I say that FC BARCELONA cannot be sponsored by a dictatorship who punished homosexuality and where the women suffer discrimination.

It is months since I recall that Al Jezeera has a lot to improve.

Now I have read that there is a new draft that will allow the journalists to be free except in those issues where the dictatorship does not want them to be free.

So, the Qatar journalists won’t be able to talk about issues affecting national security or friendly nations. This means that if, for example, the dictatorship of Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, massacre its popululation, the journalists of Qatar won’t be able to write about this.

This is the Qatar that will appear on the tshirts of FC BARCELONA. I am protesting for these for months but it seems that nobody cares.

It seems that money from Qatar make some people in Barcelona to forget some of their values. I imagine that’s the reason why they talk so much about values and values. It is a way to hide the lack of values by having a deal with Qatar.

As a homosexual in Barcelona I feel so humiliated by FC BARCELONA. I even have received homophobic comments who praise the new tshirt with Qatar Foundation and which end saying VISCA QATAR, VISCA BARÇA.

I feel so week. The media in Catalonia are always talking about the big values of FC BARCELONA. Even the international press do the same. It seems that the fight against homophobia is not a problem.

Maybe I cannot do anything so that Barça braks its deal with Qatar but I will do all I can so that a lot of people know that Barça is wearing a tshirt from a country where homosexuals go to jail. Is black people, if Jewish people went to jail, I am sure that Barça wouldn’t have signed a deal. It seems that homosexuals do not deserve attention and care.


Map of Qatar.

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La veritat que amb això de parlar tant de la Qatar Foundation i de Qatar gairebé em venen ganes d’anar a Qatar i veure com és el país i aquesta fundació però sabent que la homosexualitat està penada amb la presó prefereixo no anar-hi. Si aquí que les lleis ens són favorables ja hi tanta homofòbia no vull ni pensar que deu ser en un lloc on a més a més la llei està a la teva contra.

He de dir però, que a vegades tinc la sensació que potser si hagués viatjat a Qatar potser la meva visió seria diferent. Al següent vidoe de Barça TV es pot veure una mica que es fa a la Qatar Foundation. Ho explica una dona molt simpàtica i agradable i ho fa tto exxplicant la relació amb el Barça.

Qui sap, potser al final resultarà que Qatar acabarà agradant-me …


Each day I am more ashamed that FC BARCELONA has any connection with a country, Qatar, that can be found on the news because of possible wrongdoings!

I still remeber Guardiola and Rosell saying marvels about this dictatorship. It is incredible what money can make!