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Yesterday we could see in chapter six of Gayxample some images of a sauna in Barcelona. It was SAUNA GALILEA. I imagine some people who watch this series may be interested to visit this sauna.

Before talking about this sauna I just have to say that each sauna in Barcelona has a different appeal so some may like one more than another because they offer different things. So, here I just will say what I like of Sauna Galilea.

One of the most beautiful sides of Sauna Galilea are the showers. You may like them more or less but one think is clear: THEY ARE UNIQUE. I am not saying they are the best. I am just saying that I like them. I imagine that some people maybe won’t like them but for me they are a kind of jewel because they make me feel unique been there. I am sure that nothing like them will be found elsewhere. They remind me of Gaudí.

Besides the showers and the locker corridors surrounding them you have a lot of different floors. I have the feeling of being in a house, in a familiar house. I have the feeling of being in a flat with different floors.

Around the sauna I saw some photos very nice.

In brief, a sauna with corners here, corners there. If you find there the perfect man, then this sauna can be perfect. I imagine that it is very important to know when to go and to know what kind of people you may find. But this is for another post. In this post I just wanted to talk about the architecture of the sauna. I love it!

This sauna is situated between the center of Gayxample and the cruising zone in Montjuïc. It is in a quiet street of Barcelona not so far from Plaça Espanya Venetian towers.

By the way, I like all gay saunas of Barcelona. But each for a quite different reason.

I leave you with the MAKING OF the sauna part in GAYXAMPLE:



Aquest dijous ja s’ha pogut veure GANG BANG al Teatre Nacioanl de Catalunya. Suposo que quan pugui aniré a veure l’obra.
Ara per ara he trobat un article en un dels blogs de referència per saber sobre l’ambient a Barcelona: YOUR DISCO NEEDS YOU: http://yourdisconeedsyou.timeout.cat/bloc/2011/03/24/gang-bang/
La foto que es veu pot semblar molt provocadora però no ens enganyem. A la realitat el xicot no estaria sol i a evidentment estara completament despullat.