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Some months ago, in a hotel in Tripoli, a woman said that she had been raped by Gaddafi’s soldiers. This woman is called EMAN AL-OBEIDI and she was able to flee Libya. She went to Tunisia and then to Qatar. But now in Qatar they have sent her back to Libya! To the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. Against her wish.

I wonder what Josep Guardila and Sandro Rosell think about all this. They spoke marvels about Qatar. Guardiola even suported the bid of Qatar 2022. Thanks to Guardiola and Rosell now Barça wears Qatar Foundation logo in the front of the new tshirt.


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Cada hora que passa el món del futbol se’n va embolicant, lmenys a les altes esferes. Això em fa pensar que podria passar que al final el mundial del 2022 a Qatar acabés no fent-se davant de possibles suborns. A la FIFA cada dia surt una notícia gens agradable.


Tenint en compte que Guardiola va donar suport a Qatar 2022 i que ha donat suport a que el Barça porti a la samarreta publictat també de Qatar em pregunto què faria el Barça si Qatar acaba sent sinònim de joc brut.

El fet que Qatar sigui una dictadura, que els homosexuals vagin a la presó i que les dones tinguin els seus drets limitats sembla que no ha estat cap problema per a Rosell i Guardiola alhora de portat la Qatar Foundation a la samarreta. Però què faran si Qatar cau en desgràcia per tot això dels suborns?

Si personalment ja em sembla molt lamentable portar publictat relacionada amb un emirat dictatorial, homòfob i masclista ja el fet que tot pugui fer també pudor a un emirat que compra mundials i on els suborns són el pa de cada dia ja no crec que em pogués indignar molt més.



Arab states of the Persian Gulf. Arab Gulf States.

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The last weeks I’ve been very critical about the deal between Qatar Foundation and FC Barcelona. I do not like Barça wearing a tshirt related to a dictatorship where homosexuals go to jail and the right of women have to improve a lot.

Tonight, however, I have thought that maybe I could wrong in something. Unfortunately the latest suspicions of brivery for the World Cup 2022 do not help me to change my point of view.

I hope tha tthe ones who support the deal with Qatar – Guardiola and Rosell, coach and president of Barça – could explain in a better way their view of Qatar.

I find all very weird because I’m much of the days talking against a deal with Qatar and at the same time it is obvious that I think a lot about Qatar.

Who knows, maybe even if it is true that homosexuality is forbidden maybe it is one of the Gulf countries who puts less homosexuals in jail? I do not know! This is what I would kile to know! The only think I know is that Qatar has a lot of money and that fight witht the West in Qatar!

Who knows, maybe Qatar is not so bad as it may seem by curren laws. Maybe it is acountry that is opening to other ideas. But I do not know! That’s the problem!

Maybe I am wrong but at the moment I just feel a lot of suspicions. I think that all is about money. Qatar has money and that’s the reason why some make a blind eye to dictatorship, homophobia and women’s rights and even possible brivery.

I just hope that no brivery is related to Catalonia.

Mohamed bin Hammam and the tshirt of FC Barcelona

First of all, let me congratulate current FC BARCELONA for winning the Champions League. I congratulate them for two reasons: One is for winning and the other to win it without still wearing Qatar Foundation on their tshirt.

Today I have read that Mohamed bin Hammam has been suspended by FIFA as they study some allegations of brivery.

Mohamed bin Hamman is not just related to football but also to Qatar.

The coach of Barcelona, Pep Guardiola supported the Qatar bid 2022 and he has publicly supported the sponsoring of Barça tshirt by the Qatar FoundatioN. He said that in Qatar there are injstices like everywhere (YEAH, HE IS RIGHT, IN BARCELONA, WE HOMOSEXUALS GO TO JAIL, TOO …) and that in QATAR people had freedom (freedom to go to jail if you are homosexual???)

I say all this because I find that it is not nice that Barça wears an ad from a dictatorship who puts homosexuals in jail and where the rights of woman are not precisely the best.

Just for thoses reasons I find that Qatar Foundation in the front of the tshirt is worng but now that I have read that Mohamed bin Hamman, from Qatar,  has been suspended by FIFA, I even see the deal between Qatar and Barcelona as a very hard blow.

Sometimes I try to see the things in the perspective of an international company like Barça. They have fans from around the world. It is obvious that their attachment with Qatar Foundation bring bring a lot of supporters from the Arab world. On the other hand their gay supporters to lose with this new tshirt are nothing in comparison with the number of new fans from Arab countries to win.

I understand that for a business is better milions of new Arab supporters than just three angry gay men from barcelona city annoyed with the deal.

But Barcelona headquarters are not in Qatar. They are in Barcelona! So I expect that a team that has its headquarters in barcelona complies with European rules. And I find it is discriminatory to accept a deal which would have never happened was Barceça a lgbt football team.

I am horriefied by the support that Barça has in catalonia and in other places. This club who believes to be “MORE THAN A CLUB” does not do anything to fight homophobia! In fact they just do the opposite: They have deals with Qatar.

And the worse is that now the shadow about Mohamed bin Hamman can make the new tshirt of FC BARCELONA even uglier. 


Colores Barça 1024x768


Arriben notícies fresques de que la FIFA investiga al catarí BIN HAMMAN per suborn.

Qui sap, ja que el Barça no té cap problema en portar una samarreta tacada per l’homofòbia de Qatar potser s’ho repensa si Qatar també fa olor a suborn.

Això de portar Qatar Foundation em sembla que ha estat el pitjor negoci que ha fet el Barça a la seva llarga història. Almenys és el que li pot sortir més car.


FC Barcelona 7

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The dark side of Barcelona is currently called FC BARCELONA or BARÇA. This club has a dela with a foundation, the QATAR FOUNDATION who gives awards named after a radical islamist who wants the killing of homosexuals.

Anyway, I leave you with an article that tells you about this dark side. It is very nice that the article comes from the same land that Messi:



Principal shareholders of the IDB shown in green.

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Now you can buy the new tshirt of Barcelona with the ad of Qatar Foundation. As I am homosexual and homosexulaity is banned in Qatar and you may go to prison for that I just hope to see very few new tshirts around the world.

So, I have not inconvenience to show to the world any information about Qatar Foundation that may not be very welcome by FC BARCELONA.

In any case, the FC BARCELONA should not be worried. A lot of people will buy its new tshirt. If not in the US, maybe in Qatar.

So now I have found a webpage where you can see that Qatar Foundation, Islamic Brotherhood and Hamas all appear on the same page. And which is the connection? Here i explain:

“The IDB Prize Selection Committee … chaired by Professor Hatem Karanshawy, dean of the faculty of Islamic studies at Qatar Foundation”

 “Arab News has reported that Islamic Development Bank (IDB) announced Wednesday that the Islamic Foundation, UK, is the winner of the IDB Prize in Islamic Economics for the year 2011.”

“the role of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), known to have funded many global Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas-related projects:”

These last phrases come from


So according to what I read in “The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report”

I see that Professor Hatem Karanshawy, dean of the faculty of Islamic studies at Qatar Foundation chairs The IDB Prize Selection Committee. Islamic Development Bank (IDB), known to have funded many global Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas-related projects:”

So, the club of my city is wearing a tshirt from Qatar Foundation. And in this foundation, there is one dean that is chairman in a selection committee of IDB that funds global Muslim Brotherhood/hamas related projects!

So, is FC BARCELONA giving support of Hamas through Qatar Foundation? Are the people in Barça so stupid as not to know what they were doing?