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Now that we know that Amina was a hoax made by Tom MacMaster I see that there is a lot of rage against him. I have read http://gaymiddleeast.com/news/news%20317.htm where gay bloggers from Syria are quite unhappy with the hoax and one even says that he would sue him if he could.

So I am think about my reaction to this hoax. Should I join the ones who want to sue him or should I just forgive this American man?

For the things I know now it seems that I just should be enraged. He has put in danger lgbt people in Syria. And in fact he has acted in a way that is harmful for the lgbt worldwide community. On the other hand I still do not know detail of the reasons why he has made all this.

Compassion and pity makes me think I should forgive him but at the same time I must remember the lgbt community in Syria. If they cannot sue him, me living in a Western country maybe I could join forces in the West to sue this man.

Until I decide my position, I just hope to know more. But reading the text from the Syrian bloggers whose lives are at risk because of this hoax I think that Tom MacMaster should be brought to justice. Needless to say that his use of photos from a woman in London seems to be a very good reason to bring him to justice. Not all the people in this planet use photos of other people. Some have still a bit of dignity. Shame on Tom!

Well, no doubt that now thanks to Tom now you may doubt to that this is a blog made by a gay man.



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I cannot believe it! It seems that part of the Indian community in the USA are angry because Geronimo was the name chosen to refer to Osama Bin Laden.

I am afraid that the Indian community have not understood anything.

The murdering of Osama Bin Laden is much related to a Western Film. In a Western Film there is not law. Well, yes, it is, There is the law of the gun. And in a Western film, normally the Indians are always the bad guys so it is not strange that the name of an Indian personality is used to name the bad guy of the film.

Normally in a Western Film there is not justice. There is just somebody that with his gun does what he wants. That’s what has happened with Osama Bin Laden.

The only thing that does not match with a Western film is the use of torture by the heroes of the film but , we all know, things change, for better for worse. Even the scenario is not the Gran Canyon valley. Now the scenario is abroad, in foreign lands because the Western film here is more powerful and can shoot the gun wherever he wants.

So, in summary, the Indians should not complaint. They lost in their own soil against the white men and the use of Geronimo is just a reminder of their status downgrade.

I imagine that the only thing that makes really different this Western film to others is that in this case the one in command this time is a black man. That’s the only difference.

Anyway, the Indians in the US must know, that for the one writing this back in Europe, they are the only truly genuine Americans. The other just come from Europe or Africa. And now it seems that whether of European or African origen they continue insulting the natives of America: THE INDIANS!

All my love to the natives of America. Shame on the ones who torture in Guantánamo and afterwards they murder in Pakistan. That’s not justice. That’s the Wild West. And you have gone so far as even insulting Geronimo. Shame on you!

If I could go back time and I was in America I am sure I would have fought with the Indians.


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When I was a small boy I always thought of torture as something related to the Spanish inquisition and to dictatorships. I never associated torture with the US.

When somebody killed another one without any kind of trial I always thought about American Western films.

Now we know that thanks to torture, the US knew about the wherabout of Bin Laden. We also know that they murdered him.

And I asked myself? Who are the US to see themselves in power to torture? Who are the US to murder people without trial and even in another country?

These questions will be in a lot of heads. Me, as I am a peaceful person, and I disliked very much Osama Bin Laden, I just would write this post to express my dislike for the American way of doing things but I am afraid other people may act differently.

In Europe there is not Death penalty. In the US there is death penalty, they murder abroad and they use Guantánamo to torture?

How can you ask other people to act in a civilised way when you act this way? What example is this of murdering Obama for future generations?

Should Iran also go to other countries and kill the people they do not like? Should Iran and ANY COUNTRY torture to be able to find its enemies.

I have no doubt that now Barack Obama is more popular in the USA than ever. Any leader with blood in his hands always gets more popular!

The Talibans are, in my opinion, fool people, because they do crazy things in the name of their God. On the other hand, the US just acts as if it was God: torturing whoever they want and killing whereever they want whoever they want.

Thanks to the example of the US, the wonderful superpower, now any country around the world would be happy to torture! It seems such a good idea! You torture and then you get the information you want. Then you kill your opponents and you get more popular so you can stay in power for longer! THAT’S THE LESSON THAT NOBEL PEACE PRICE WINNER, MR BARACK OBAMA HAS TOLD THE WORLD!

Congratulations, Mr Obama! Congratilations, God of the Gods!


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No sé pas quina paraula es fa servir per una mort involuntària de gripaus però m’imagino que no deu ser homocidi com he posat al títol. Però bé, en aquest post el que volia dir és que no estic segur que algú hagi enverinat les gripaus de Montjuïc expressament. Estic pensant que potser algú ha pogut fer servir l’aigua per netejar-se amb sabó. Qui sap que pot passar per la zona del Teatre Grec a la nit (o de dia) quan Montjuïc, com NY, no dorm mai.

I would like to see Bradley Manning free

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I do not if there are a lot of people that think the same, but I would like Bradley Manning to be free. I know this is not esay becasue there are strong reasons why he should face a trial. But each time I see his face I feel quite sorry for him.

If there is any possiblity of helping this young man to be free I would be happy to help him.

Even if he remains in jail I would be quite happy that he knows that outside the jail he has somebody who cares and who likes him.


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Can you imagine Mr Schwarzenegger as the new President of the European Union? I have some difficulties because in Europe, in contrast with the US, not anyone can reach any job even if Europeans prefer not to think so. It is easier for a foreigner to be succesful in the US that a European to be succesful in Europe. Because in Europe we almost live like in the Medieval Ages so we are still diveded in different tribes with different languages. So for Mr Schwarzenegger to become president of Europe you need all the tribes to accept him. In the US they saw him as a film star. In Europe he would be seen as a famous Austrian citizen. As you can see I am quite critical of my onw continent.

Anyway, there is one good thing about Schwarzenegger. He supported Gay Marriage in California. Only for that reason I just feel that I must think over him as president. In any case if he runs for presidency of Europe this is good news because it should make other runners to be people with a high profile.


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As some people may know the Spanish state is in high trouble. It could be the next eurozone country to ask for a bailout. Things are not getting very well.

At the same time Spain is one of the few countries where gay marriage is legal.

So, I just thought that for the gay movement it would be quite good if they mad eof Spain a Gay Haven! If a lot of gay tourists from around the world came to Spain (and Portugal) Spain would be in a better economic situation. If this is due in part to the gay tourism then Spaniards will know that so tha tthe gay international community would be welcome. And the gay marriage in Spain could continue. If Spain needs a bailut the situation will go so bad that a new right wing party could abolish gay mariage without much opposition as the Spaniards would be just worried about the financial crisis.

The gay power could make history if they showed their economic strength by just saving a country! Not any country! Just a country with gay marriage!

I know my idea is quite crazy but future is not written yet.